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Marketing Materials & Technical Requirements

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Bee Gees



Elton John


Tribute to
Frank Sinatra

Frankie Valli

Glitter Sisters
Disco Chicks

Led Zeppelin

Michael Jackson

Neil Diamond

Ray Charles

Ray Charles
& Tina Turner

Rod Stewart

Rolling Stones

Roy Orbison

Spice Girls

Stray Cats

Tina Turner

Tom Jones

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Other Shows

Tropical Paradise

The Mark Wood

[ Image coming soon! ]

Music & Mayhem
Sympathy Orchestra!

 Rocktoberfest Polka!

Symphonic Brushstrokes

Zero Gravity Symphony

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Educational Programs

 Electrify Your Strings!
(Mark Wood)

Orchestral Zeppelin
(Michael White)

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General Technical Information

Your in-house, or local, production company will have expert advice and appropriate equipment for your symphony, venue and Ovation productions. We will provide a sound technician who knows the shows.  

Orchestra Mics:
Strings: 1 mic per instrument (contact), or 1 overhead mic per player, or 1 overhead mic per desk.
Winds & Brass: 1 mic per instrument.
Percussion: 1 overhead mic per instrument. Handheld instruments can share overhead mics.

We can also bring our own monitor technician, or rely on the in-house or production company for this.

1 monitor wedge per performer (vocalists, instrumentalists, conductor). Some performers will require more than 1 monitor wedge (see Input Lists & Stage Plots per show).

Note: the conductor may opt to not have a monitor.

Additional monitors in the back sections of the orchestra (percussion, brass).

Stage/monitor levels need to be kept as low as possible.

If available, in-ear monitor systems would be best for the vocalists and instrumentalists (band).

Other: The guitar amps may or may not require shielding.
Drums: 1 drum shield will be required.

Click on the above shows for more technical details.  

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