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As an electric violinist, Mark Wood is a highly acclaimed international recording artist who has released six CDs of his highly original music, showcasing his unique approach to the electric violin playing on his own line of patented instruments; he has toured and recorded with many of the industry's most prominent performers.

In addition to touring with Celine Dion, where he was featured on a duet with her on the song "To Love You More," Mark was also string arranger on two of her records. He was the featured violinist in Billy Joel's video "All About Soul," appeared on "MTV Unplugged" with Lenny Kravitz, and has performed with Everclear in a live special for New York radio station WPLJ-FM.

Voodoo Violince
Against the Grain
Guts, Grace and Glory
These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
Portrait of an Artist

Shake Off The Gravity

"Voodoo Violince"

Mark’s first release on Guitar Recordings featuring Dave Lewitt on drums, Gerald Veasley on bass, Laura Kaye and members of New Voices of Freedom on vocals.

Time Magazine calls this record "Funk metal violin at its best!"

“Against the Grain”

Mark’s second release on Guitar Recordings, featuring Dave Lewitt on drums and Tom Kaz on bass and vocals. A dark hard rock journey - Rage Against the Machine meets King Crimson. Contains a great cover version of "Red" by King Crimson.
“Guts, Grace and Glory”

60 minutes of dramatic orchestral and rock music composed by Mark Wood for the 1992 Winter Olympics, with performances by Andy Timmons of Danger Danger, Dave Lewitt and Tom Kaz from Mark's band, and a full 60-piece orchestra.
“These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”

This is a compilation of the best of his hard-rock violin catalogue, with highlights including previously unreleased material such as a new hip version of “Eleanor Rigby” and a smoking rendition of Jimi Hendrix’ “Purple Haze.”

Mark collaborated with singer/songwriter Laura Kaye to create a powerful and dramatic mixture of rock, world beat and orchestral music. Musicians include several members of Celine Dion’s band, with whom Mark toured, and much of the CD was recorded at Celine’s private studio in Canada.
“Portrait of an Artist”

Features lushly melodic and hauntingly beautiful modern classical compositions for double-string quartet, percussion, and voice and was inspired by the paintings of his father, abstract painter Paul Wood.
“Shake Off the Gravity”

Mark Produced and performed on “Shake Off the Gravity,” Laura Kaye’s solo CD.

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The Viper is in a league of its own and is like no other instrument in the electric violin market.

The Viper is the most revolutionary and innovative electric violin ever offered to the modern violinist (and guitarist)!

It features a patented chest support system, which enables the player to play without using a shoulder pad or chin rest, offering unparalleled freedom of movement and comfort.
The best way to describe this is that the Viper essentially "floats" on your body.

Available in these Cool Viper colours!

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Cool Turbows!

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Wah Pedal


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Mark Wood Beenie

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More Cool Stuff!

Coming soon!

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Electrify Your Strings

In early 2008, Mark was elected to the board of the American String Teachers Association (ASTA), where he will have the opportunity to affect the future of progressive string education in the USA on a truly grand scale. And as educators across the country are quickly catching on to the importance of incorporating alternative teaching methods into their curriculum, Mark’s “Electrify Your Strings” series of music education programs have become enormously successful and in demand.

EYS has really captured the media’s attention and has been featured on several national broadcasts of CBS Evening News, along with segments on ABC-TV, NBC-TV, CNN, and many others. EYS has been brought to over 100 schools in the US, including the Berklee School of Music, The Juilliard School, Oneonta University, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and many others. In addition, along with such formidable colleagues as Arnold Steinhardt of the Guarnari String Quartet, Isaac Stern, and Yo Yo Ma, he is an instructor of a special course at the annual Mark O'Connor Fiddle Camps held in Nashville and San Diego.

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