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Blushing Brides

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Blushing Brides

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Blushing Brides

The "Blushing Brides" recreates the music and feelings of one of the greatest "British Invasion" bands of all time: The Rolling Stones! The Brides generate interest and expand their already extensive following every time they step onto the stage. The performance is always honest, true, high intensity Rolling Stones music. They perpetually leave it all on the stage and never disappoint. The Brides consistently give the people what they came to experience and are simply the essence of true musical professionalism….the audience is never cheated or disappointed.

As the evening progresses, the audience realizes that they are experiencing something extraordinary. A "complete performance" in every sense of the term and a phenomenon in the making.

The "Blushing Brides" has been scored and arranged for full symphony orchestra and performs with arranger and conductor Ross Daly. The symphony show can also double-bill with other featured tribute guests.

The Blushing Brides are:
Maurice Raymond - Vocals & Harmonica
Paul Martin - Guitar & Vocals
Richard (Dickie Diamond) Kahl - Guitar & Vocals
Matt Jacob Greenberg - Bass & Vocals
Martin Aucoin - Keyboards & Vocals
Sascha Tukatsch - Drums
Michelle Truman - Vocals

The Rolling Stones Tribute - Blushing Brides has performed with the following Symphony Orchestras:
  • TBA Your Symphony Orchestra!

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Reviews / Comments

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YouTube Comments

"These guys are amazing...Stones were not accesable at most times, these guys were, and some times... great times! rock on!!"

"This is fantastic! I grew up in the Toronto area and never saw them ! What a great band. I heard they were? great live but never had the chance to see them. This is the best Stones cover I've ever heard. Thx for posting this."

"I was never into the stones till I started seeing the brides at the Channel club in Boston. I think we saw them 100 times in the 80s. Always great!"

"Good grief......simply hat is off to you gents!"

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Song List

As Tears Go By
Beast Of Burden
Brown Sugar
Gimmie Shelter
Honky Tonk Women
It's Only Rock & Roll
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Lady Jane
Last Time
Midnight Rambler
Miss You
Paint It Black
Ruby Tuesday
Start Me Up
Sympathy For The Devil
Tumbling Dice
Under My Thumb
Wild Horses
You Can't Always Get What Ya Want

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