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Press Release

The Blushing Brides - Press Release

The World's Most Dangerous Tribute To The Music Of The Rolling Stones!

As the auditorium lights fade to black and the house music is silenced, a palpable sense of eagerness and excitement is evident in the audience. A unique assortment of inquisitive stares and inaudible murmurs are routinely the norm. An astounding event is about to take place that will not soon be forgotten. Maurice Raymond and the renowned Blushing Brides have taken the stage! Blinding lights and fever pitch sounds burst upon the crowd with ear-splitting hysteria. The sudden impact of the graceful and high intensity stage presence of the front-man, Raymond, instantly mesmerizes the entire assembly. That swagger, the pout, the vibrancy….it seems all too familiar! As the charismatic Raymond struts and prances towards the centre stage microphone, he pauses to taunt the audience in the same unpredictable mannerism as his predecessor.

By now, with all ages completely riveted on Raymond, he eloquently delivers a startling rendition of Honky Tonk Woman. With his powerful robust vocals that are alarmingly identifiable, there leaves no doubt to even the first-time skeptics in the crowd….Raymond is undeniably the second coming!

Seemingly breathless several songs into the performance, the crowd continues to sit completely spellbound from what they are experiencing. A wicked assault of songs persists one after the next, each song as convincingly similar to the original versions, yet with something more, something more violent, sexual. It is apparent that these live renditions delivered by the Brides have more impact, vigor and intensity than the original recordings.

As the evening progresses, the audience realizes that they are experiencing something extraordinary. A "complete performance" in every sense of the term and a phenomenon in the making.

Obviously, this is no ordinary bar band. The Brides generate interest and expand their already extensive following every time they step onto the stage! The performance is always honest, true, high intensity Rolling Stones, R&B and original music. The Brides perpetually leave it all on the stage and never disappoint. The Brides consistently give the people what they came to experience. They are simply the essence of true musical professionalism….the audience is never cheated or disappointed.

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Members | Stage Plot/Input List | Backline Requirements | Orchestration


Total number of cast and crew: 9
1 Conductor (optional), 7 Leads/Band, 1 Crew

Stage Plot / Input List:

Stage Plot / Input List (pdf)

Backline Requirements (to be supplied by the symphony):

Mics: 5 vocal mics in total; 1 wireless, handheld microphone, 2 straight stand, 3 boom stands.

Electric Piano/Keyboard: 1 B-3 organ; 1 RD 700 keyboard or Yamaha P200, 250 or CP300; stool and pedals;

Drums: 5-piece set of drums (kick, snare, rack & floor toms) with all hardware and cymbals.

Bass Amp: 1 Ampeg SVT or equivalent.

Guitar Amps: 2 Fender (Twin) amps or equivalent.


Piccolo (Optional. Perhaps the flute player can look at the parts and decide which suits better)
Flute 1 & 2
Oboe 1 & 2
Clarinet 1 & 2
Bassoon 1& 2
Horn 1 & 2
Trumpet 1 & 2
Trombone 1 & 2
Percussion: Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Chimes (Tubular Bells), Mark Tree/Hollywood Gliss
Violins 1 & 2

There are also parts for the following but are not necessary to hire or double for:
Baritone Sax
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax 1 & 2
English Horn

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Members | Accommodations | Dressing Rooms | Meals

Total number of Cast and Crew: 9
1 Conductor (optional), 7 Leads/Band, 1 Crew

4 double rooms, 1 single rooms; or 9 single rooms

Dressing Rooms:
Secured dressing rooms for the performers with mirrors and access to a power supply.

Hot meals, beverages (water, soft drinks, tea, coffee), and dessert per member, per rehearsal and/or show.

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