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My husband and I and 8 other friends watched your performance last night at Stage West, Mississauga, ON. It was the first time we had ever been there, and won’t be the last. You were unbelievably great! I don’t know when we enjoyed anything so wonderful as you people and your whole band.

Thanks for making our evening so wonderful, we were celebrating our 45th anniversary, best evening ever! Thanks again

Linda and Jim – Brantford, ON.

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Bee Gees

Video Comments from You Tube:

"Oh I loved this band! Thanks so much for posting this."

"Your voice it s AUTHENTIC BARRY GIBB!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! from Spain"

"if you watch there (their) version of "more than a woman" he nailed it."

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Tribute to Sinatra!

Sinatra Tribute
Buffalo News Review 10/21/06

"Performing with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra in the one-man show, "Absolutely Sonata," he got the swagger right. And much like the man he sought to impersonate, Sonata knows how to work a stage with energy and confidence."

"Sonata certainly bears a resemblance to Sinatra. It was particularly uncanny in the first set as Sonata took to the stage in a tailored tux and Sinatra's trademark fedora."

"Sonata also got the posture and the arm gestures down pat as he belted out a swinging arrangement of "The Lady Is a Tramp," followed by another signature Sinatra tune, "Summer Wind."

News Reviewer

"Headlined by Rick Sonata, who's resemblance to Sinatra is uncanny, performs 20 Sinatra classics in the style and pizzazz you want to hear over and over again accompanied by his 16 member orchestra."

Great Toronto Getaway

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