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Zero Gravity Symphony

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Zero Gravity Symphony

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Zero Gravity Symphony

STEP RIGHT UP.....into the extraordinary world of Zero Gravity Symphony, where anything is possible! Our troupe of professional entertainers offers high-impact circus-style performances, incorporating diverse contemporary and traditional disciplines. Shows of all shapes and sizes customized to suit your objectives, aesthetic, venue and budget. Let your imagination run wild!

Performers incorporating talent from across Canada and around the world, Zero Gravity Symphony features an entertaining variety of traditional and non-traditional circus-style disciplines, including:

Acrobats, Character acts, Acro-Balancing acts, Fire Jugglers, Unicyclists, Stilt Walkers, Fire Eaters, Giants & Giant Puppets, Trampoline acts, Break Dancers, Sword Swallowers, Buskers, Fire Breathers, Unique Musicians, Variety acts, Theatrical Clowns, Traditional Jugglers, High Wire acts, Aerial Suspension acts, Martial Artists, Contortionists, Motocross Champs....to name few!

Zero Gravity's fantastical take on the circus tradition creates a spellbinding and unforgettable experience for everyone. Our troupe of world-class entertainers offers dazzling customized performances of all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer: Full-Scale Stage Productions, Individual or GRoup Choreographed Performances, or Roaming Characters, the performances may be punctuated by explosive special effects or enhanced by black light, video projections, live music or light and laser shows.

We supply you with exhilarating, professinal entertainment that electrifies the senses!

Imagine....On your outdoor stage, the fire troupe commands whirling fiery torches while shadow dancers form moving images behind. In the crowd, contortionists twist themselves into impossible positions, hilarious theatrical clowns run amok, ten-foot tall black tie waiters tend to the guests, and giant alien beings roam around. Above, the aerialists are entwined in silk, while in the wings the acro-balancers wait to exhibit their super-human strength and agility!!!

Your audience is spellbound.......Let your imagination run wild!!

  Acrobatic Division

A Flight of Fantasy Aerialists elegantly entwine themselves in silk, or swing from the classic circus ring! Contortionists twist their bodies into impossible poses! Acrobats leap, tumble and are flung high into the air! Be amazed by our innovative troupe of modern professional acrobats!

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Giants Division

Be a Giant Step Above the Rest Liven up your event with the fun, animation and spectacle of our eclectic cast of giants! Whether you prefer choreographed performances, animation for an event site, or a 15-foot emcee, our troupe of stilt characters and giant puppets create huge excitement and wonder wherever they go!

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Ignite Division

Set Your World Alight! Highly skilled fire masters manipulate flaming torches in brilliant demonstrations of fiery artistry. With incredible dexterity and control, our fire troupe captivates audiences with their spectacular brand of combustible entertainment.

Your event will be a sure-fire success!

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Variety Division

Things You Don't See Everyday! Remarkable performances featuring one-of-a-kind characters and unique props!

Fire-eaters, buskers, theatrical clowns, unusual dancers, assorted jugglers, sword-swallowers, mimes, variety entertainers, staged theatrics, daredevil stunts, feats of mind over matter – the list goes on!

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Zero Gravity Symphony has performed with the following Symphony Orchestras:
  • TBA Your Symphony Orchestra!

Zero Gravity Symphony has been scored and arranged for full symphony orchestra and performs with arranger and conductor Ross Daly.

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Additional Services

Extra Services & Modifications

Choreography, costumes and characters can be tailored or custom-made to meet your specific event requirements. Zero Gravity Symphony can fulfill equipment needs, such as: Staging - Rigging - Pyrotechnics - Lighting Systems - Black Light - Atmospheres - Audio Systems - Set Design & Construction - Equipment Set-Up & Breakdown. We can also provide you with storylines, visual concepts and consultations.

Publicity & Promotions

Need to get noticed?

We can help you generate positive exposure at any event with the fun, animation, and spectacle of circus-style entertainment. There’s no better sponsorship or advertising vehicle than giant dancing fantasy characters, mesmerizing streaks of fire or breathtaking feats of physical strength and skill. Imagine comedians and clowns, dancers, ten foot tall stilt walkers, human statues, tumblers, aerialists, staged dramas, crowd participation, the possibilities are limitless. Get the word out with Zero Gravity Circus. — you can’t ignore a 12-foot clown! Festivals and public events: Zero Gravity Circus offers an eclectic cast of characters that can be personalized with your company logo for highly visible, upbeat advertising. The entertainers cover the entire event site, distributing flyers or enticing people back to your sponsored stage where we provide a full day of rotating variety acts, and a nightly group spectacular. Strategic signage is also available for stage productions. Product launches and promotions: You will make an unmistakable impact with our unique and innovative performers and performances. Options include custom colors and costumes, flyer distribution and product tie-ins. Create the atmosphere you envision: an ordinary promotional function can be transformed into a spectacular and memorable experience with Zero Gravity Circus!

Settings - Themed Engagements - Corporate Functions - Promotions - Product Launches - Festivals - Fairs - Parades - Seasonal Affairs - Private Parties - Sporting Events - Television Ads - Internet Ads - Print Ads - Movies & More!

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